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Property Insurance in France - Home and Household property insurance in France

Called a contrat assurance multirisques habitation or assurance multirisques vie privée or la multirisque.

The insurance should cover the cost of repairs or rebuilding including permanent fixtures and fittings within the property, such as fitted kitchens and bathrooms due to damage caused by : natural disasters, floods, fire, storms, burst pipes, explosions, lightning and theft. It should also give you civil liability insurance (responsabilitée civile propriétaire).

When calculating the value of your home, you need to take into account the cost of rebuilding it and the sum insured should be sufficient to rebuild all buildings as well as all outdoor structures such as swimming pools, terracing or perimeter walls. The rebuild value should take into account also the as removal of debris, architectural and other professional services. This value (like in the UK) is often quite different to the market price of the property and the price of the land should be excluded. Insurers do not have to be based in France and as such an Insurance company broker based in the UK with a policy written in English can be beneficial. Click Here for further information.

Written notice to cancel a French insurance policy

If you use a French insurance company under the Codes des Assurances, it is necessary to give a minimum of 2 months written notice prior to the Annual Renewal date to avoid having to automatically continue with the insurance for the following year. You will not normally have this rule if you use a company that is based in the UK for example, but it is important to check this fact out, particularly if you are looking for an alternative provider.

Holiday Homes

The owner of a self catering holiday property that is rented out as holiday accommodation must make sure that the insurers are aware it is let for holidays. You should check that there is adequate public liability cover as a landlord.

If the property is a holiday home insurers must be advised of the periods of non-occupancy. If for example you need to keep the electricity on during periods of non occupancy for heating, alarms, garden irrigation etc, you should let the insurance provider know.

Why do I need Holiday Home Insurance?

If you own or are purchasing a holiday home in the UK then most standard household insurance policies will not protect rented property

You therefore need to a specialist policy for your holiday home property that is designed exclusively for properties used as holiday homes or let for holiday use. As an owner of a holiday home, it is vital that you fully understand the extent and limitations of your insurance policy. What restrictions are in place when letting and unoccupancy etc? Do you have cover for public liability or loss of use?

Holiday home insurance policies abroad can be full of catches - Take care.

Claiming on a holiday home insurance abroad can be very complicated. Dealing with complex insurance policies on overseas homes is something more and more people are having to come to terms with.

There are now more than 1 million properties owned by the British. 

What can you do? First of all read and check the small print in the policy. If it is in a language that you do not understand have it translated.

Establish whether your cover does exactly what it is so that the insurer cannot reject a claim at a later stage.

Make sure that your property is compliant for a country's particular legislation. In France now a swimming pool has to be properly gated and if your pool does not comply with the law, it could invalidate the entire policy.

Make sure that your buildings insurance covers the gardens and outbuildings, not just the house. 

Let the insurance company know that you are letting the property out and when you let it out to holiday makers, make sure that the visitors have taken out their own travel insurance.

In some cases you might not be covered for subsidence and earthquakes and the Public Liability level is often lower such as in Portugal. 

Rather like in Britain you might have conditions, that if you are away from the property for more than a month you might need someone to check it over regularly, drain down plumbing and leave heating on. 

If you have a mortgage, the lender might be able to provide advice or as you might well have a bank account with a bank in the country the property is situated in, contact them.

A lot of British based insurance companies are now covering overseas properties and many of these can be found via the web. There are now also many multinational insurance companies operating, names that are familiar in Britain are becoming just as familiar in France and Spain. Shop around and take care.

Holiday Home Insurance

The revival of UK Holidays, low mortgage rates and extra leisure time has meant more people are buying second homes. If your additional property is your second home or an investment, they  have one thing in common - the need for specialist insurance.

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